Haydn Masterwork to Be Broadcast Worldwide

Grote Kerk, Naarden. Photo: Jan de Jong

Grote Kerk, Naarden.
Photo: Jan de Jong

 Soli Deo Gloria is pleased to partner with Ideale Audience and Medici Arts to bring Franz Joseph Haydn’s masterpiece The Creation, considered by many to be his greatest work, to an audience of millions through state-of-the-art media technology. On Friday, June 25, 2010, Conductor John Nelson will lead the Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic and the Netherlands Radio Choir in a live video webcast of this beloved Haydn oratorio from Grote Kerk, Naarden—one of the oldest and most famous churches in the Netherlands.

Naarden. Photo: travelboards.eu

Aerial view of the
town of Naarden

Majestic Church, Magical Acoustics
The web broadcast provides unique opportunity to experience first-hand the beauty of Grote Kerk, where the acoustics are said to make music sound magical. The church is situated in the center of Naarden, the ancient capital of Holland, about thirty minutes from Amsterdam. Naarden is one of the remaining fortress towns in the Netherlands, built with surrounding moats in a unique five-star shape, easily visible from the air.

Wooden painted ceiling of Grote Kerk. Photo: Roel Bogaards

Wooden painted ceiling
of Grote Kerk.
Photo: Roel Bogaards

This historic church dates back to the fifteen century and features a unique oak-barrel vault ceiling painted with scenes from the Old and New Testament. The June 25 broadcast promises a visual and musical feast for thousands of viewers around the globe.

Musical Vision
Haydn undertook the composition of The Creation starting at the age of 65, and it took him a year and a half to complete the work, from October 1796 to April 1798. A deeply religious man, he later said, “Never had I been so devout as when I was composing The Creation. Everyday I fell to my knees and prayed to God to give me strength for my work.” The Creation depicts the formation of our planet, its life forms, and its human inhabitants, as portrayed in the Book of Genesis, The Psalms, and John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Ultimately, the oratorio also brings to life Haydn’s intense faith and gratitude to God. From the opening orchestral portrait of the beginning chaos, through to the crowning “Achieved is the glorious work,” the passion of Haydn’s music, and his exuberant joy in creation itself, resounds in the ears of all listeners.  It’s no wonder that, after Handel's Messiah, The Creation is the most popular and most performed oratorio ever written.

John Nelson. Photo: David Zaugh

John Nelson.
Photo: David Zaugh

Masterworks on DVD
The filming of this Haydn event is the next in an ongoing series of DVDs sponsored by SDG and conducted by John Nelson that began with Bach’s Mass in B Minor from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris; Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis from the Gulbenkian Grand Auditorium in Lisbon (to be released by Medici Arts during he summer of 2010), and now Haydn’s masterpiece The Creation (to be released late 2010).

I cannot imagine a better group of soloists, a more appropriate orchestra, and a finer chorus than those we've assembled for Haydn's masterpiece "The Creation" (Die Schöpfung) in the Netherlands in June. The Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic is one of the finest chamber orchestras in Europe, the Netherlands Radio Choir is the largest professional choir in the Netherlands, and the soloists are a dream cast. Haydn’s exuberant and highly descriptive oratorio is one of my favorites in the entire repertoire, and I'm thrilled to be making this DVD.
— John Nelson

2:00 p.m. Eastern (8:00 p.m. in the Netherlands) www.medici.tv

The Creation Die Schöpfung: Oratorium Hob. XXI:2 Franz Joseph Haydn

Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic Netherlands Radio Choir John Nelson, conductor Lisa Milne, soprano Werner Güra, tenor Matthew Rose, baritone Lucy Crowe, soprano ("Eve") Jonathan Beyer, bass ("Adam")

The June 25, 2010, broadcast will be available for viewing world-wide on medici.tv and will remain free of charge through August 24, 2010.